Hello! K-chan reporting for duty. It’s been a while, but I’m finally on summer vacations! This post will be focusing on my sexual orientation and how I came to conclusion about it and well, just a few thoughts on the topic. I will be making a more extense post on sexual orientations soon but for now, enjoy! 🙂

Definition of Pansexual: A person who is pansexual, is a person who when in love with someone, accepts it no matter who or what that person is. It doesn’t matter what gender, If it’s love, it’s love.

Pansexuals are open to have a relationship with anybody no matter what. As long as they love them, it’s all that matters. Being a human being, I do have my own likes and dislikes. But if i’m in love, I don’t care about gender, looks, social status, anything.

When did it start?

When I started going through puberty at the age of 11, obviously I had physical changes as well as changes in the ways of seeing things. I was longer a child, I was growing up. At first I didn’t know whether if I was attracted to men or women, mostly since at that time homosexuality was still a big deal and talking about it was a bit hard.  I’m currently at the age of 15 and I know I know, I’m young and blah blah blah. That doesn’t mean that I still don’t know what I want, what I like, what I dislike. During the years I have noticed many things about myself and I managed to come to the conclusion that I’m a pansexual. I noticed that my crushes and few boyfriends have helped me come to this conclusion. Especially my girl crush. I noticed that I didn’t care about the gender, about the looks, about anything. I loved them for them and nothing more.  I’m not that type of girl who sees a dude and has an instant crush, nope! It’s not easy for me to fall in love but when I do…I do it for real.

Social acceptance?

Sexual preferences and orientations are pretty normal, but for some reason I haven’t told my family or friends that i’m pansexual…well except for some people who actually asked me if I was into boys or girls. One which tried to “make me normal” and the other didn’t take me seriously and kind of made fun of it. Now, that won’t stop me, It’s  me not wanting to tell anyone because I don’t think it’s necessary for the whole world to know, but I have no problem in sharing it if anybody ask. Sooner or later I will come out and say it openly. In the meanwhile, I’ll share it here. I don’t see it as something to be ashamed of at all. I think that if people love each other,  they should stay like that and not care about what other people and society have to say about it. Once again, if it’s love, it’s love. 🙂  I think that somebody should not be held back by anybody when it comes to there sexual orientations/preferences. I know i’m just a teenage girl but things like this especially during teen years can be hard. All I can say is to hang on and stay strong, don’t let other people decide your life for you because in the end, the life is yours. 



I’m sorry if this didn’t make sense, it’s a bit hard to explain for me but I tried my best! Hope you enjoyed this blog post! Why not check out other post? :3


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