Good Night to everyone, It’s Karuchan here feeling a bit down. It’s time for me to get rid of all the tolerance in me and trust me, I am quite patient and tolerant, but this time things just got on my nerves but I held strong.  Today’s post will be about friends that well, sometimes you don’t know why they act in a certain way. Once again, why not let it out on the internet?


So today I was with some classmates out in the cafeteria tables. We were going to start practicing our play meanwhile the ones who were in charge to create the background (The scenes and stuff) were doing there job. My best friend has a role in the play, we were all waiting for her to get over to where we were going to rehears so that we could get started. We were all calling out to her but she was with the people in charge of the background scenes and she wouldn’t pay attention to us and just ignored us. Until she wanted she finally came up to us and we gave it a go. After the first rehearsal we went to take a 5 minute break but not even after that the break was over she started: “Let’s rehears again! C’mon!” but we didn’t pay attention to her and ignored her since we were a bit tired. After that break, we got up and were ready to go but she just walked away and started to ignore everyone because we didn’t do as she said in the moment that she said so, meanwhile she did the same to us. She started helping out painting the background and the rest of us just went on with the rehearsal without her. She was quite mad and I would talk to her and she would just nod her head or not do anything at all. I would say “hey Josseline, I heard about this crazy thing..” and she would just ignore me completely.

She started to ignore everybody and we all just sat down and talked a bit and it was obvious she was mad, so we all just left. I went to sit down at a different table with some friends and so did the rest. She then was alone and now that she was alone she called 2 girls to go join her after she completely ignored them and in the end she left with them, me just there walking by her side like a damn puppy. She’s just that type of person who if you don’t do as she says the moment she says “NOW”, she get’s mad.

On Saturday we were going to rehearsal, but 2 of the actors said they couldn’t make it, so she threatened us with:

“You all have to go. If you’re not gonna go to the rehearsal, then goodbye.”

So there we all are waiting in the park in the sun since there was no shade anywhere and she arrived 1 hour late. Me and other friends had to go home soon, we stayed and waited and she decided to show up 1 hour later. We were already leaving the park actually. We did one quick rehearsal and we left because it was getting late and we all had things to do, we didn’t have time to do what she wanted. Well guess what? She got mad.

No? Ok.

I know, maybe we ignored her when she wanted to rehears, but she also ignored us when we wanted to and she still goes complaining that if the play doesn’t turn out good, it will be our fault, not hers. She’s my Best Friend, at the beginning of the school year she would always get mad you had to be careful with what you would do and say. Now that she’s been hanging out with me and others, she has calmed down and it has been quite a long time since she got mad. Well, today she broke the record. This one time, during an English exam, since I know English I finished up first. The teacher was just looking at me guarding me that I didn’t pass the answers to other people or talk or anything. She was whispering to me to give her the answers but I couldn’t, so I finished my exam and turned it in. Well, she got mad at me because I didn’t give her the answers to the exam. .-. But then again, this is when the school year had began, when she would get angry easily.

She doesn’t get easily angry anymore, she can take a joke now, but the part in which she wants everything her way, hasn’t gone. I love her, and I would be there for her but… like my crush once asked me: “Would SHE be there for YOU?”

….I don’t know. It hurts me when people that I care about do things like what she did today. I keep everything to myself most of the time, but things like this are just, too much for me to handle emotionally. In the end, we always end up together anyways. I guess that’s part of friendship. Not every friendship is the same.

But in the end, sh is a good person. It’s just her impulse and ease of anger that kinda unsettles people, including me sometimes. It gets me mad and disappointed, which drives me to be sad. But she is honestly a very smart and friendly person. Not everyone likes her, but she has been with me since middle school. We’re human after all. And I’m a loyal person. Even though someone might piss me off, I will be there.

I’m sorry.

That was it for tonight. 🙂 hope you enjoyed. Why not leave a like and/or follow me for more stories?


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