School work and Essays: Irresponsibly Responsible

It’s been quite a week for me, I’v been having exams and turning in projects. I’m a bit stressed out and tired. 😦 But, today is Friday, which means: Going to sleep at whatever hour, waking up later than I usually do, spending time on the internet and basically not worrying about anything until Sunday night doing last minute homework. I’m a student, I can’t help it! I know that there’s students who are responsible and actually get things done but, I wouldn’t exactly classify myself as ‘responsible’, I would classify myself as ‘Irresponsibly Responsible’. Now, what does this mean?

Irresponsibly Responsible: A person who basically does get things done, but does it after slacking off or something like this I don’t know how to explain this sorry. 

And believe it or not, I’m one of the best ranking students in my class, with A’s and B’s but mostly A’s (Not to brag). So like, we all have that one friend who seems to be a mess…and eat’s in class. Yeah, that friend would be me. Like, If I actually decide to spend time, work and effort organizing my things, it will all just end up disorganized again. Why? It’s because there’s some people who are naturally disorganized, even if they try to be organized, they just can’t. Whenever I clean up my room and/or desk, in the end everything just ends up being how it initially was. If everything is organized, I won’t find it. I just don’t know where I’m supposed to look for it, I don’t know if it’s inside one of my drawers, or if it’s under my pile of notebooks and books that I have on my desk-wait…I took all that pile and ordered them properly also!  Where am I supposed to look? So in the search of whatever I’m looking for, I end up messing up drawers, moving my books and notebooks back onto my desk piled up, etc. I just can’t stay neat. xD Same with school actually. At the beginning everything is nice and neat inside my backpack, and then it slowly turns into the ruins of Narnia in there. If i’m low on money I just stick my hand in there, scavenge through trash until I find like, 2 coins. Same with pens and/or pencils. Sadly, there always just the same color. I have like 5 red pens in the depths of my backpack just in case if i loose my pens(?). Do you know how many times I have freaked out for no being able to find my iPod in my backpack? Turns out that it was at the bottom of my backpack under lots of old worksheets and pencil sharpener trash.

Anyways, back to school work! This week I had to turn in an essay about whatever I wanted, a presentation in English class and I have a play due for Wednesday which I have nothing of my paper learned, worst part is that i’m one of the main characters. .-. Today I presented my English exposition with my team. The project or however you want to call it was to elaborate a story using the following elements:

  •  A princess
  • A prince
  • A flying car
  • A dragon
  • A frog
  • A fairy
  • A fireman
  • An accident
  • A pair of magical tennis shoes
  • A cave
  • And lastly, a castle.

So many letter A’s in that list. Now, I haven’t mentioned it before, but I live in Mexico. I came to Mexico almost 4 years ago and started school as a transfer student. Me and my family had to move since my dad got a job here in Mexico in the company he used to work for. Luckily, this job was located near where the rest of my family lives ( as in uncles, aunts, cousins I never new I had, etc.). My family lives here in Mexico in the state I’m in.  Me, mom, dad and my 2 sisters are together. I was born and raised in the U.S.  I finished middle school here in Mexico and now i’m in High school. I remember first arriving-it was scary, mostly because I didn’t know how to speak fluent Spanish. But I managed to learn and now I speak it better than most natural born speakers. xD

ANYWAYS, back to the project. Since I know fluent English, that project was a piece of cake for me. My essay that I had to write for my Expressive oral and written Lectures class, I chose it to be about Comics because I am the nerdy type, I mean, I may be a bit disorganized but I’m actually quite the nerd. I enjoy math, science, comics, Anime, manga, books in general, History, Technology,Art, etc., basically I love to learn ❤ Learning to me is wonderful. Oh! And I also love my makeup and hair, pretty much fashion in general. I’ve got style, yo! But we’ll talk about that on a different post~.


And then we have the TEST.I had 4 test this week and I did HORRIBLE. I had a geometry test and 3 programming test. Now, i may enjoy math, and geometry is fun cuz i like shapes but I don’t think it’s necessary to know the measurements of a hexagon’s angles. Or maybe it’s just me being me. Now, in Mexico teachers don’t grade with letters, they do it with numbers from a scale of 0-10 including decimals. If you got 9.5 in some test, it stays like that. But if it’s your final grade, the .5 gets rounded up and your 9.5 turns into a 10 which equals to an A. Here are my test results:

Programming exam 1: 5.8=F ( I flunked the test)

Programming exam 2: 10=A!!! ( I passed!)

Programming exam 3: I don’t know yet

And now…the most biggest exam score!!!

Geometry: 1.8


Last time i got a 2.8 in my geometry test dammit.



Well that was all for now. I must now go and think about my life. Nah, just kidding i’m actually gonna go watch Youtube videos and reblog on Tumblr. I have no shame over my test scores. It’s probably because i’m a bit dead on the inside. 😀 But I still have feelings~I just don’t let them out most of the times. :3

Thanks for reading!! -Karuchan


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