So, I started this blog in April and since then have been ignoring it, I mean, the only thing I’ve done on it is post a little introduction of why I started this blog. xD So yeah, why not start now?  It’s never too late. 😉

In this blog post you will read about: My School!

Soo, I’m a high school student and since i’m nearing the last bits of my school semester I have been a bit “busy”, ( as if by busy I mean, sitting on the couch on my phone watching Youtube videos for hours and kinda ignoring homework) but oh well, i’m a teenager, I can’t help it :v ( excuses). “Ah, life is the cat’s meow!”.Now, since i’m heading towards my 3rd semester in a baccalaureate high school, I’m a bit happy but sad at the same time cus well, time has gone by reaally fast, like, dayum. I remember first entering high school. xD

So for those who don’t know what this baccalaureate high school is, it’s basically this high school in which you can choose one of the careers it has to pick. These career aren’t like “woo, screw college” no, they be more like technical careers or something I don’t know. Not all baccalaureate schools are like this but oh wellz! So, once I graduate from this high school, I will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in technical programming and physical mathematics and then I can decide to expand my education by going to college or just start working as a technical programmer or something which, I won’t do, I shall move on to college some day. .w.

by the way, excuse my slang terms and all. Once again, I’m a teenager. I can’t help et lulz!….Sorry.

So, i will try and keep updated on my blog and stuff even though no one reads it but oh well xD it’s fun for me, and we all start off from zero. 🙂 anyways, thanks for reading this first post about something and…i don’t know xD stay tuned!!!


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